Help Users Find Your Business Using Google Places

Google Places is the new level of support to be launched by Google. Now, Places integrates a number of helpful options, which does not include full phone-based support, although that is still urgently required. However, it appears that the issue may still be a few steps from the option of ‘report a problem’ which is the only solution to getting help. However, Google Places offers a number of options to help your local business:

Your Listing should be Total and Precise: Your business location should be correctly entered on the map to help users locate you easily. The map marker can be dragged to your precise business location. Your official and authoritative business website should be listed on the Places listing because Google uses the information from your website to enhance its search results. Videos and images should be included to make your listing unique.

Details like opening hours and modes of payment should be added to allow users to select among the search results. Business owners should also study the Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide to facilitate better crawling and indexing of the search engine. Your contact details like name of business, phone numbers and physical address should be provided correctly.

Choose Appropriate and Specific Categories for Your Business: You may choose a category from the suggested list to help Google show your business results against the right searches. However, you can always enter a category of your own in case the suggestion of Google Places does not fit your business. You can choose particular categories instead of particular ones, as long as the categories are accurate and appropriately describe your business. This is because according to the Google search algorithm, users who look for ‘Book Stores’ find businesses in specific categories such as ‘Used Book Stores’, ‘Rare Book Stores’ and ‘Comic Book Stores’.

Create a Powerful and Accurate Online Presence: One of the ways through which your search results are improved on Google is by aggregating the information relevant to your business from different parts of the web. You should ensure that the details about your business on any third party website are correct. If not, you should always contact the website for clarifying any inaccurate information. Customers should be encouraged to review your business performance by writing a review on your Google Places page.

The blended results can boost organic SEO and help you stay ahead of the local as well as map based data points.